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Captain Royal Flying Corps 1914-1918

Captain Royal Flying Corps 1914-1918
120mm Scale Resin & White Metal Kit
Kit No. 5203 - £30.00

This figure represents a Captain, Royal Flying Corps, 1914 -18. He is wearing the side cap with RFC badge. His tunic is the plastron fronted 'maternity' pattern with rank pips on the epaulettes, RFC Wings and Queen's and King's South Africa medal ribbons. A standard Sam Brown belt minus sword frog is worn and binoculars in a leather case hang around his neck.

The cap and tunic are a shade of Khaki drab, and the breeches, cut in cavalry style, khaki drill. Officer's breeches varied in colour from almost matching the tunic to fawn with a pink tinge. The puttees, another shade of khaki drab, are wound from ankle to knee, as was normal practice for dismounted troops. Officers purchased their own uniforms so the exact shade of uniform varied even within units.

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