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Bombardier (Corporal) Driver RFA 1914 - 1918

Bombardier (Corporal) Driver RFA 1914 - 1918
120mm Scale Resin & White Metal Kit
Kit No. 5204 - £30.00

British Artillery in WW1 was organised into the Royal Horse Artillery (RHA), Royal Field Artillery (RFA) and Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA). Most guns were usually moved by horse teams arranged in pairs, the number of pairs depending on the size of the gun. The drivers rode the nearside (left side) horses and therefore the offside of the pair was not ridden, but under the control of the driver on the nearside horse.

This figure represents a Bombardier (as corporals were known). He wears a service cap with RFA badge. The 1902 pattern tunic is worn with a braided lanyard around the left shoulder and standard 1905 bandolier shoulder belt. Bombardier rank badges are worn on both sleeves with a long service badge and wound stripe above the left cuff. Standard cavalry breeches are worn with puttees wound from knee to ankle as was the practice for mounted troops. In order to protect the drivers from the offside horse, leather gaiters with a steel plate were worn on the right leg, with a hole at the back for the standard issue spurs.

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