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Corporal of Horse Farrier Blues and Royals 2021

Corporal of Horse Farrier Blues and Royals 2021
120mm Scale Resin & White Metal Kit
Kit No. 5209 - £54.00

The farriers historically carried an axe in order to chop off the front hoof with the dead horse's regimental number. As a sign of the times, the horses are now all microchipped!

On parade the farriers carry highly polished axes and are at the rear of the detachment. Both the Life Guards and Blues and Royals troopers wear navy tunics with red piping. The Blues and Royals have red plumes, the eagle badge on the left upper arm and a black sheepskin over the saddle.

The Life Guards farriers have black plumes, no eagle badge and white sheepskins over their saddles. They do not wear a normal pouch belt but a belt designed to hold the axe. Rank in their ceremonial uniforms harks back to the eighteenth century. A lance corporal of horse wears normal epaulettes but with aiguillettes suspended from the left shoulder and the front of the neck. The rank corresponds to corporal in the rest of the army. The horses are 'cavalry blacks' of at least 15 hands.

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