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Dismounted Trooper Blues & Royals

Dismounted Trooper Blues & Royals
120mm Scale Resin & White Metal Kit
Kit No. 5210 - £32.00

Most of us are used to seeing the Household Cavalry in their dress uniforms at Changing the Guard or Trooping the Colour. During initial rehearsals they are initially in Service Dress with gloves and service caps, however as the events come closer the Cavalry rehearse in helmets and gloves.

This figure is depicted at a stair lining rehearsal with service dress, helmet and white gauntlets. The Blues and Royals have red plumes, the eagle badge on the left upper arm below their title badge which is The Blues and Royals in red on a blue background.

If you want to model a Lifeguards trooper, the plume should be white, there is no eagle badge, so this will have to be filed or sanded off, and the regimental badge is The Life Guards in blue on a red background. Sword slings are white.

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