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Roman Centurion 1st Century A.D.

Roman Centurion 1st Century A.D.
200mm Scale Resin & White Metal Kit
Kit No. 9001 - £55.00

The figure is represented in what we now think of as the typical appearance of a 1st Century centurion. The helmet has a transverse crest (crestus transversalis), he is wearing a mail vest and shoulder cape over a leather jacket with pteruges (leather strips hanging down from the shoulder and the waist). Over the mail is worn a harness with a number of silvered medals (phalerae). He is wearing short boots and there are silvered greaves, also the mark of a centurion, to protect his shins. Although legionaries carried their sword (gladius) on the right and dagger (pugio) on the left, centurions carried the sword on the left and dagger on the right. A curved shield (scutum) is carried, although centurions may have carried oval shields as well.

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